Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Going to Show

Sorry for the lack of updates, but things have been crazy as we approached the end date for Senior Show. However, with only a few corners cut we managed to make it in under the wire and get through.

The show will be on Sunday, June 3rd for those able and willing to come all the way down (or up) to Center City Philadelphia.  For those who can't, don't worry, a DVD will be coming to you sometime in late June or early July once we add some finishing polish and possible extra features.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thank You

With your help, I was able to fully raise my budget and then some.  I appreciate every donation I got and will be continuing to update this blog as the movie is shot.  As of now, I am entering pre-production and plan to begin shooting next month.  Thank you everyone.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


In the year 2307, a great war has brought about the end of civilization: the majority of mankind has been blown to bits and the world has been left a barren wasteland. Those who were fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to have survived face starvation, polluted waters, and the Mutants, who been altered by the fallout into ravenous, feral creatures with deformed bodies and a primitive mental state.

To survive, the remaining sentient humans must live as Scavengers, collecting what they need from the demolished buildings and dead bodies.  You must be fast, you must be smart, and you cannot get attached.

Will (age 35) lost all the family he'd ever known and now lives an empty life scraping clothes, tech, and anything else he can find to sell for food, supplies and all he needs to get by.  Jess (age 14), who lives alone in her own little hideaway, scrapes up any food and supplies she needs to live and also seeks out spare parts and bits of computers for her own mysterious side project.

The two are trapped in Jess's hideout by approaching mutants and must learn to work together if they are to survive.

Hi, my name is Josh, and this is the premise of a short film I'm making called SCAVENGERS. I am working on it as my Senior Film as a student of Drexel University's film program.

We have a finished script. We have a crew, cameras and equipment. We're getting sets, costumes, props and makeup together to make an awesome, unique film about people under impossible circumstances trying to survive. The only thing we need to make it all happen is money. And so I'm asking you for help.

Students films are made on a budget, but we still have to pay actors, we have to pay for supplies, props, food, costumes and everything the Hollywood movies do. The only difference: We don't have a studio paying the bills. I'm asking you to help.

Those who are familiar with the Fallout video games or those "after the war" Twilight Zone episodes, this is trying for a similar tone.  If you are interested please donate by hitting the button in the sidebar.  Any little bit helps.

For $25 you'll receive a Special Thanks in the movie's credits
For $35 you'll receive a free copy of the SCAVENGERS DVD
For $50 you can be an extra in the film (if you're in the Philadelphia area--no transportation provided)
For $100, you'll be credited as an Executive Producer in the film's credits
For $1000, and I'll be astonished and incredibly grateful
But seriously, ANY amount will be appreciated.

If you want to know more about anything involving the film, the production, or how you can help, please leave a comment below and I will try and answer as many as I can.

SCAVENGERS will be a unique, entertaining, and intense movie, and you can be part of it. Please help out. You can say you were a part of an amazing entertainment experience.

Thanks to everyone who contributes--you're part of the SCAVENGERS team!
Thanks to everyone who helps out.